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It’s time to say goodbye to warm sunny days and to welcome the crisp mornings and early evenings.  This summer was extra special for us, we found out we are expanding the family, and with the roller coaster of emotions I also have to deal with early pregnancy sickness and  very hot days.  Not a great combination to be honest, luckily those first rough weeks are over and better days are present.

Summer isn’t particularly my favourite season of the year, Spring will always steal my heart, the end of winter, the blossom and the fresh air, but for the little one summer means fun! being outdoors most of the days in the park or garden, cooling down with ice lollies and splashing in the paddling pool.

I’m glad it’s over for me and I can spend the rest of my pregnancy days in cozy jumpers and soft scarves. While I write this I’m visiting family in Canada, a very special time for us but especially for Matias. Seeing him playing and being close to his cousins makes me value the special connections between family, and reassure ourselves that bringing a little sibling for Matias is the best decision we ever made.

I will write more about this subject when I come back from our holidays. Being away has allowed me to put my thoughts and feelings in ease and digest what’s happening (and will happen) in our lives very soon. I felt guilty I wasn’t being able to be in tune with all the changes I’m experiencing while being pregnant this second time around,definitely having  a toddler around always craving for attention makes things different and more challenging.

Having family around these days has allowed me to step back, have time for myself and connect, to focus on the baby that will be part of our lives very soon. A well deserved break for all of us, visiting amazing places and discovering beautiful cities. We are enjoying every second of the luxury that is to have relatives around.

Below are some pictures from our summer :)


I’m coming back with a head full of new fresh ideas, and lots of things to share. Hope you all are having a great end of summer.




The past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly Matias is growing up. He started preschool this week and I can’t stop asking myself, where have all the years went? Sometimes I look at him in disbelief, something inside makes me want to keep him little forever, to freeze time and savour these days as much as I can.

Now that we are waiting for a second baby I want to make sure we are creating beautiful memories for both of them, so one day we all can look back and tell stories about these days, go through pictures and drawings, favourite toys and funny anecdotes.

These are some of my favourite ideas I have discovered, from shadow frames to display favourite items like toys or books to beautiful photo books and wall art. I personally love using photography to tell stories and there’s a huge variety of options to create beautiful memories. I’m loving these  Shutterfly photo books a lot and I think it is a great idea for this project I’ve been part of recently. These ideas are great to add to your home decor or in a baby’s nursery.


1/ 5/ and 6/ Frames and Frameboxes via Martha Stewart   2/Shoes as Growth Chart   3/Little Love Photo Book via Shutterfly  4/Wall Art via Shutterfly 

Do you have another clever beautiful idea to display your kids art or photos?

Have a great day everyone





{ Image via Pinterest }

Today’s Matias last day at nursery. He is starting preschool next week and I’m asking myself, where did the time go? Where is my little baby that use to crawl on the floor and use diapers! A wave of mix feelings is striking me right now along with a big sense of pride and happiness to see him become a beautiful lovely boy.

Being a parent has been the most difficult yet the most rewarding thing I ever done in my life. I read this quote above the other day and I felt reflected on those words, a big responsibility but a good one.

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend, apparently the weather will be nice around this part of the world so hopefully we will be having our last BBQ of the year. Yay!





Following my last post about my intention to document some of Matias cutest and funny conversations, these are some of the latest I remember and made me smile.

The other week I took Diego to the vet because he wasn’t being himself. When I came back Matias was all worried and asking lots of questions. That day I Skype my mum and while doing something in the kitchen I overheard this:

Matias: Abuela (grandma) Diego is sick, he is not feeling well

My mum: (She doesn’t speak english very well but could figured out Matias was talking about Diego so she kept asking what happened)

Matias:: I’ll get a tissue for Diego (he went to the toilet and grabbed some toilet paper)

(At that point I came in and ask what was that for?)

Matias: Is for Diego mummy, look! he is crying.

{ I love seeing Matias being sympathetic with other people’s/animal’s feeling, it’s very cute }


Matias is always very keen to grab Diego and carry him around like any other toy, but he is a massive cat and although he is a lovely one, I can’t say he won’t scratch him so I always ask Matias not to, only to pat him. So he asked:

Matias: Mummy can I get Diego? (gesturing he wanted to carry him)

Me: No Matias sorry, Diego is too big for you!

Matias:: Ok mummy, I have to wait.

Me: Wait? for what?

Matias: Wait Diego to get small.

{ He might as well wait until he does get bigger ;) }


While eating lunch in the garden the other day (it was pizza and broccoli) Matias said:

Matias: Mummy broccoli grows in trees, we put a seed, water and they grow!

Me: In trees? Don’t they grow in the floor?

Matias:: No, in trees, then you get a basket, grab them and eat them for lunch.

{ He knows his facts }


The neighbours have the most beautiful apple tree, some of the branches hang into our garden. Matias always ask to pick some of the highest ones (although there are lots on the floor). The other day he said:

Matias: Mummy, let’s pick some apples.

Me: They are way too high up, we need a ladder.

Matias: No, we need “pixie dust” (Magic flying dust!)

{ If I could get some of that I’ll be happy }


The other night I was reading him a book about english words. In one of the pages there was a picture of a volcano. So he said:

Matias: Mummy, this mountain looks like a volcano.

Me: Yes, it’ is a volcano, it’s very hot!

Matias: We can’t go there, mummy don’t touch is too hot! we need boots and walk in tippy toes.

{ That made my day }


Have a great week everyone, let’s hope it doesn’t rain too much around here, autumn is definitively making its entrance, so preparing to say good bye to summer for this year.






{ Image from Arrohome }

While looking for some inspiration for home decor this week, I came across with this beautiful brand Arrohome. With signature prints, colours and textures, they bring something unique that I would love to incorporate some day in my home.

I always have a weakness for colours and beautiful patterns,  I personally like their cushion’s range and throws (specially the apple shape one). These are some of my favourite items, but honestly everything is amazing!


{ All images are from Arrohome website }

Although the brand is Australian, they do international shipping (yay!). Go and check their site for more.

Have a nice day everyone



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