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“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lobsters Pjs and jumping in bed. I didn’t take many pictures this week to choose from, I find very hard to focus in the moment when I’m so uncomfortable (10 days to my due date!). However, this little one keeps his smile and make me laugh, love him to pieces.



Geometric pattern exploration

After reading Mara Dawn’s latest blog post  last week I felt inspired and encouraged to resume my pattern exploration this year (do you remember my few attempts last year?). She is not only an amazing designer but also an inspiration in terms of juggling career and motherhood, please check her beautiful blog.

I’ll be joining her in weekly challenge (Well, that’s going to be a big one, I’m staying realistic about the arrival of baby girl -in less than two weeks!-  so expect some missing weeks and bumps in the road at the beginning until a routine is found.

This week’s pattern is a version of the final one I’m working on for my upcoming online shop later this year. I like the simplicity of lines with pops of colours (lately I’m fond on pastels). Looking forward to share more in the next weeks!


“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

When Matias gets really tired and refuses to nap (which is often the case), we make a “tent” with blankets in his bedroom, and create a cozy place for him to have some quite time. He loves this moon shape little lamp his dad bought him for Christmas, it changes colours and irradiates a beautiful light, works perfectly for settling the quite mood.




Me & belly – 37 weeks

It’s been difficult to think of other things to share in this space when the only one that lives in my mind is the imminent arrival of this little girl anytime now.

I’ve been here before, there’s not fun about the last weeks of pregnancy, there’s lots of discomfort and not much sleep, a natural preparation for what’s coming. From being really anxious and fearful I’m starting to feel calm and ready, waking up every day telling myself “it could be today”. Accepting the rhythm to slow down (with the guilt of not being able to spend more quality/playing time with Matias), but trying to rest as a priority and save energy for the massive hurdle ahead of me.

This time my belly is smaller although I feel huge, heavy and tired. I have dreamt about her, smiling at me and happy, that’s really the only thing that matters and I wish for, a healthy baby. Matias is getting more excited too, he can notice things getting ready, it burst my heart with happiness when he talks into my belly and says “I miss you baby sister” (with a tender kiss), I have no doubt he will be a wonderful big brother, although I’m expecting the inevitable jealousy and a few hard weeks until everyone’s comfortable with the idea of the new family member.

Soon we will be a family of four, imagine that! Yes, I’m tired but excited to meet this baby girl now.

We are ready.


“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Matias jumping and playing in our bed while his dad tries to change the sheets (he wasn’t happy I wasn’t helping but snapping my camera instead). Besides, our room is never that bright!

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