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It’s very tricky when you have the little one’s birthday AND christmas on the same month. That involves lots of preparation and probably receiving too many presents, so we are being very conscious about what to buy this year. Now that he is a bit older it’s easier to really know what he likes and needs, so I made a mood board with some ideas I think Matias would like. The unmissable scooter I’ve been dreading to buy but will get handy with the baby arrives next year, books with great ideas to make, cute toys and some items a clothes that he needs.


1// Wooden Toy Garage   2//Dinosaur Poncho   3// Animal Nesting Dolls   4// Project Kid & Playful books   5// Mini Micro T-bar Scooter   6// Helen Dardik plates   7// Festive fleece PJ set


(Images from Shop Up |  Renegade Craft Fair & Country Living Christmas Fair )

One of my favourite things about approaching Christmas is the opportunity to visit all the variety of Craft Fairs around town. From small local ones to more stablished ones, I feel very fortunate to live in this amazing city where there’s so much talent and creativity. It’s always an inspiration to go to these places and soak the handmade vibe,  grab some christmas presents for my love ones and feel refreshed and inspired.

There’s so many events I would love to visit this year, although I have to admit being so heavily pregnant and broke makes me reduce the list to just a few favourite ones:


THE SHOP UP  (Dec 3-4) | Organised by Babyccino Kids it promised to bring the best kiddos boutiques and shops under one roof, with lots of fun activities for family and kids. Although not too close from where we live, I think being able to browse through these gorgeous shops in one place it’s a big temptation.

+ RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR (Nov 22-23) | I had the opportunity to visit last year and really enjoyed it. A great variety of Indie shops displaying gorgeous handmade goods. This time I hope to be able to take part in some of the workshops (there’s a DIY letterpress postcard that looks interesting).

COUNTRY LIVING MAGAZINE – CHRISTMAS FAIR (Nov 12-16) |  This lovely fair was the first one I visit when I moved to London and brings me really good memories. More into the traditional side, still a nice place to visit and  browse beautiful handmade items.

+ ETSY HOUSE (Dec 5-7) |   Etsy UK is featuring different UK sellers across all kind of categories in the heart of London (Covent Garden) next month. For all of us that are in love with Etsy this is one not to be missed.


Never forget to support your local community and small businesses, crafters, bakers and artist. There’s nothing more special than a handmade gift that you know has a story behind, it was made with love and care, possibly with local resources and will last forever. I hope you enjoy this list and feel encouraged to visit your local fair this Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone (I hope my son gets over a nasty cold and we are able to see the sunlight again, wish me luck!)




 (Image source)

 Inspired by a few beautiful post I’ve read from some fellow female bloggers in the last few weeks, sharing a more personal side and what makes them special and real, sharing stories of struggles and overcoming them, made me think about my life and how easy it’s to ‘filter’ the negative, specially in times of social media where mums seem to have it figured it out and pretty much every seems rather perfect.

I haven’t share much about myself in this blog lately, it’s easier to focus on other things when you are feeling down, overwhelmed or anxious. But today I felt the need to seat and write down some of my thoughts and emotions today, without any particular reason but to let it out, breathe it out and move on.

Being pregnant for the second time has been equally marvellous and hard. Physically I’m struggling with a lot of pain (lower back) and emotionally it has been a crazy roller coaster. Hormones are to blame, combined with motherhood of a very demanding toddler boy, and all the thoughts and worries that come to my mind when I imagine how our life will be when we become four.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life in the city and how it really works for stay-at-home-mums like me.  It’s tough, I’m not fortunate enough to have a close circle of friends (specially other mums) around when things hit bottom. I didn’t realise how important it was for me until I became pregnant again, when things got a bit harder in every sense.

I wonder if I’m ever going to find my ”village”,  those friends that will come when I need them, when things become too much and a proper adult conversation with a cup of tea it’s desperate need it. Those that will stand for each other and listen, that will share the load and bring sanity to your days.  I wonder if it’s a “big city” thing or it’s just me, or it’s because I just moved a year ago to this new area and haven’t allow time to meet them, or it’s a cultural subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being alone, I have an amazing partner, my rock,  who reminds me every day of how lucky I am to being able to see my children grow and to be present, and all the great things I do for him and Matias. Siblings that are always there for me, my  sister my best friend who I constantly bombard with daily updates of my mummy days (sorry!), also very supportive parents and great friends,  but distance can be a problem (most are abroad) and it’s not always easy being so far away from everyone I love.

However, regardless of things not being perfect in my life I never forget to be grateful every day for the things I have , and for the people that make my life a better place. It’s too easy to forget and focus on what’s missing, but it’s a great exercise at the end of the day to say a little prayer and thank for all the good stuff.

Well, this post was a bit long and personal, soon I’ll share more things about happier things that are coming soon, Matias birthday, Baby shower and of course Christmas! Stay tuned.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day








(Image via

Lately I’ve notice a beautiful trend on my Pinterest and Instagram feed about Wool Weaving. A craftwork that must be dated hundreds of years back and remind me a lot about my South American and Portuguese heritage. However this new trend has been taken to another level by very talented artists in the recent months (like Maryanne Moodie), giving them a real twist, displaying them as wall decor and using gorgeous colour palettes and new textures.

There’s lots of simple DIY projects around the web for people like me that might want to give it a go but don’t want to buy the entire kit or wooden loom (just yet). I’m hoping to find some time this year to make one for my bedroom!  I love how they can transform a simple room adding lots of personality and colour.

These are some of my favourite finds:


(Image via thejealouscurator from Maryanne Moodie)


(Image via thejealouscurator from Maryanne Moodie)


(Image via Etsy from racheljOK)


(Image via thejealouscurator from Maryanne Moodie)


(Image via decor8 from Maryanne Moodie)


(DIY woven wall hanging via

Have you noticed this trend? is it something you would like to try? I think it would make a beautiful Xmas present!






(Matias running around in Lake Ontario this summer)

Ah! it’s been so difficult to keep this beautiful series lately. We’ve been on holidays and the craziness of the new baby coming soon translates into a hectic life. To be honest I could write so many hilarious things Matias comes out with every day, this age is so adorable, they start to understand life around them in a very innocent way mixed with what they hear, read or watch (on the tv) and the combination is very funny.

I certainly can’t be around him with a notebook trying to make notes of what he said all the time, that would be weird, but sometimes I feel like I don’t want to miss anything, I want to remember these days forever, and when Paul comes home from work I like telling him all the things he said during the day so we can laugh together, I love that.

These are just a few of the most memorable things Matias has said lately:

“Mummy is the baby coming out today?” (while laying against my belly)

“Can you hear something in my belly?” (I said)
“Yes! I can hear a microwave”

“Mummy, we are best friends!” (Giving me a big hug)

“Mummy look all the spikes in your leg! (while touching my very unshaved legs).
It’s all prickled!”

“Mummy I want to go to Halloween, the sun comes down, then it’s dark and spooky! We need spiders, skeletons and a party.”

“Mummy that’s a big bottom” (while using his toy binoculars against my back side) LOL.

“Matias, what do you think the baby is going to eat?” (I asked)

“Mummy can I eat the baby’s head?”

My heart melts every time he mentions his little sister in our conversations. It’s still makes me very anxious to think about how his world will turn upside down when she arrives, something I will talk about in another post. I try to enjoy every day and every second of our life as a family of three, specially my one-to-one moments we share together.

Happy Friday




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