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Lately I’ve notice a beautiful trend on my Pinterest and Instagram feed about Wool Weaving. A craftwork that must be dated hundreds of years back and remind me a lot about my South American and Portuguese heritage. However this new trend has been taken to another level by very talented artists in the recent months (like Maryanne Moodie), giving them a real twist, displaying them as wall decor and using gorgeous colour palettes and new textures.

There’s lots of simple DIY projects around the web for people like me that might want to give it a go but don’t want to buy the entire kit or wooden loom (just yet). I’m hoping to find some time this year to make one for my bedroom!  I love how they can transform a simple room adding lots of personality and colour.

These are some of my favourite finds:


(Image via thejealouscurator from Maryanne Moodie)


(Image via thejealouscurator from Maryanne Moodie)


(Image via Etsy from racheljOK)


(Image via thejealouscurator from Maryanne Moodie)


(Image via decor8 from Maryanne Moodie)


(DIY woven wall hanging via

Have you noticed this trend? is it something you would like to try? I think it would make a beautiful Xmas present!





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(Matias running around in Lake Ontario this summer)

Ah! it’s been so difficult to keep this beautiful series lately. We’ve been on holidays and the craziness of the new baby coming soon translates into a hectic life. To be honest I could write so many hilarious things Matias comes out with every day, this age is so adorable, they start to understand life around them in a very innocent way mixed with what they hear, read or watch (on the tv) and the combination is very funny.

I certainly can’t be around him with a notebook trying to make notes of what he said all the time, that would be weird, but sometimes I feel like I don’t want to miss anything, I want to remember these days forever, and when Paul comes home from work I like telling him all the things he said during the day so we can laugh together, I love that.

These are just a few of the most memorable things Matias has said lately:

“Mummy is the baby coming out today?” (while laying against my belly)

“Can you hear something in my belly?” (I said)
“Yes! I can hear a microwave”

“Mummy, we are best friends!” (Giving me a big hug)

“Mummy look all the spikes in your leg! (while touching my very unshaved legs).
It’s all prickled!”

“Mummy I want to go to Halloween, the sun comes down, then it’s dark and spooky! We need spiders, skeletons and a party.”

“Mummy that’s a big bottom” (while using his toy binoculars against my back side) LOL.

“Matias, what do you think the baby is going to eat?” (I asked)

“Mummy can I eat the baby’s head?”

My heart melts every time he mentions his little sister in our conversations. It’s still makes me very anxious to think about how his world will turn upside down when she arrives, something I will talk about in another post. I try to enjoy every day and every second of our life as a family of three, specially my one-to-one moments we share together.

Happy Friday




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Thinking on ways to bring Autumn to our home I made this very easy project and decided to share it. I like to use objects I have and give them a new purpose. I own a few wooden ribbon spools and have been using them to keep pencils in my desk, origami flowers in a shelve, or to display any other kind of treasure I found. I think they look very cute!

For this project you will need:

  • A wooden spool
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors/Knife
  • Ruler
  • A pretty paper of your choice
  • Glue
  • Autumn treasures (dry leaves or flowers, feathers, little branches, etc)


Cut the paper of your choice (I’m using some cute prints from this month’s Mollie Makes magazine) to fit the size of the spool and glue it around it. Tie a bow around using some pretty ribbon.


Add your beautiful autumn treasures inside the whole and done! Now place it on top of your fireplace, bedside table or in your favourite corner in the house.


Do you collect leaves or other natural treasures to decorate your home? What other ideas you have to bring seasons to your home? I would love to hear!




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(Image source)

Last Friday we walked out of our hospital appointment with some big news, we will be welcoming a little sister for Matias early next year. I can’t describe the rush of emotions I’m experiencing at the moment, it was such a beautiful surprise for all of us, I feel blessed and very grateful for this gift.

I was completely convinced I was having another boy, I could feel it. I was already day dreaming how our lives would be having two boys around . Maybe I was unconsciously trying to be practical, at the end, we have saved most of Matias clothes and toys, I didn’t want to think things could be different this time. Another boy? done! Right?

But fortunately life has a different plan, we’ve been blessed with a girl this second time, my heart is bursting with excitement and wondering. Raising a boy has been one of the most enriched, funny, and great experience so far, and I can’t wait to experience motherhood from an opposite perspective.

I’m not sure how much different it will be, what I can say right now is that I can’t stop thinking about all the things I want to make with her and for her, the creative bug is in full mode and it feels refreshing and great.

Sorry if I overload this space with this subject, but this blog is a reflection of my life, hence my family always will be an important part of my creative journey and inspiration.

Have a great week everyone




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(Happy fall Print via Etsy)

This week was the first time in months that I needed a (light) coat to go out. That means only one thing, autumn has arrived for good. I find every season change refreshing, from the things we eat, the way we dress and the natural change of the surroundings . Not that I love facing the cold weather ahead, but the change always inspire me to do something different and to see things in a different way.

I’ve been looking around for some inspiration for this time of the year, from home decor, colour palettes, to DIY projects to make with Matias when the weather is wet and miserable. Below are some beautiful examples I’ve found:


1// The Shape Shifter  (mobile)    2// DIY leaf animals   3// Organic wool blanket   4// Mint, blush and gold vases   5// Passing shower print

How do you prepare for the chilly days? Do you make big changes at home with the new season? Any great ideas to make with the kids?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.




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By Jessica

Rolling pin printing {DIY roundup}

On 11, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In DIY & Handmade | By Jessica


(Image via 2Modern blog)

If I’m honest, I’ll admit it’s been a bit difficult to follow my blog calendar this week. Life with a toddler plus other personal things didn’t gave me enough time to plan my next project. So instead of posting a personal one this monday I’m sharing a roundup of rolling pin printing DIY projects I found in the web (my latest obsession).

These are my favourite three:


1// Rolling pin stamps via Alissa Burke blog


2// Rolling pin wrapping paper DIY via


3// Rolling out a lace print DIY via Helana and Ali

It looks so easy and fun to make and the results are so pretty, my favourite is the one using lace (3). These are perfect for making your own wrapping paper for Xmas presents this year. The possibilities are endless, I can’t way to try my own!






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