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Hello again.

It’s been a while since I last posted a “proper” post in this little space of mine. I went through a lot of changes and challenges lately, and I needed to step back a bit and allow myself to focus and heal. My little man started nursery a couple of months ago, every mother that has been through this process knows it’s emotionally exhausting and hard. It took me a while to stop the guilt consume me and to help Matias to settle into this new world without me. I will probably write about this subject later on.

On top of that, this was happening, my beautiful country went through a very difficult phase, forcing me to reconnect with my roots, to mourn the death of many young people that were fighting for a better future and to express solidarity with my love ones that still lives there.

In moments like this I do usually question myself what am I doing to make my life and others better?  To really make a difference? I hope this blog is part of that answer, I hope I can inspire at least one person to find beauty in the every day, to share experiences, be human and help each other, I felt  I was immersed in too much triviality  for a while and everything started to feel superficial, including some blogs I (use to) follow.

I’m glad I took the time to reconnect with myself again, to put my thoughts and feelings in order and start to blogging again. Thanks to all for your patient and for keep visiting this site, I really appreciate it.

See you around soon



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Living Arrow 16/52  “Sweet”

As the weather gets warmer we allow ourselves to eat some ice cream for dessert. I feel guilty often because we are a “sweet tooth” family, and it’s a challenge to find the right balance. Here Matias is enjoying a mini Magnum after lunch, funny he only ate half  of it and gave it to me, I think he prefers chocolate buttons instead.

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Living Arrow 14/52  “I found you”

This little man has been sick (again!) with a very uncomfortable cough and temperature. Lots of friends warned me about the “downside” of nursery. I wasn’t too worry, but  yeah, they were right, it’s not pleasant at all. Lots of days at home trying to stay sane, in this picture he is “hiding” under the duvet playing hide and seek (his favourite game lately) where he counts AND hide at the same time, I love this kid.

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Living Arrow 11/52  “Wash,wash,wash”

My little painter is more interested in washing the brushes in the water (and witnessing the colour changing) than actually making some real painting. I found that incredibly cute! It makes me realised that as much as I want him to do certain things, in this case paint on paper, he chooses to experiment with paint his own way. That’s how I presume our lives will be, giving him the right tools to create his own path.

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Living Arrow 11/52  “Toast & courgette”

Sometimes I wish Matias was as interested in eating fruits and veggies as he is playing with them. In this picture he is observing a courgette while he eats some (burnt) toast for breakfast. From making play dough fruits to stacking them in a basket this kid loves to play with them rather than eat them. Does your kiddos do this as well?

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Living Arrows 9/52
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DIY & Handmade



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In DIY & Handmade

By Jessica

Rolling pin printing {DIY roundup}

On 11, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In DIY & Handmade | By Jessica


(Image via 2Modern blog)

If I’m honest, I’ll admit it’s been a bit difficult to follow my blog calendar this week. Life with a toddler plus other personal things didn’t gave me enough time to plan my next project. So instead of posting a personal one this monday I’m sharing a roundup of rolling pin printing DIY projects I found in the web (my latest obsession).

These are my favourite three:


1// Rolling pin stamps via Alissa Burke blog


2// Rolling pin wrapping paper DIY via


3// Rolling out a lace print DIY via Helana and Ali

It looks so easy and fun to make and the results are so pretty, my favourite is the one using lace (3). These are perfect for making your own wrapping paper for Xmas presents this year. The possibilities are endless, I can’t way to try my own!






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