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I’m very pleased and happy to share with you the reason of my absence this year on my blog, I’ve been working on my online shop Our Little Tales.


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So here we are at the start line again, making a balance of what happened (or didn’t happen) last year in order to move forward and make new decisions. I would be lying if I say it was an easy year, quite the opposite actually, but I cannot look back without a smile knowing it was the year another beautiful little person entered our lives, expanding our hearts and family in size, bringing pure joy and love.

It would be unnecessary to point out the reasons why this year was a big hurdle, but in a nutshell, sleep deprivation plus the demands of two little people 24/7 for a whole year can take its toll deeply, certainly it did on me.  I knew this New Year I needed to make some changes to go through this phase in a more optimistic and easy way,  instead of listing unrealistic and specific resolutions, I promise myself one thing, to really take care of myself first.

Physically, emotionally and mentally, but more importantly nurturing my creative side again as if it was “another baby” in my life it’s a top priority. It took me a while to realise being creative and the need to create isn’t something I do but something I am. This year is all about reclaiming that place in my heart and let it know I haven’t forgotten about it, as my kids grow I can see the importance of letting them know their mum has dreams too, and she is following them, so one day they will hopefully be inspired by that and follow their own.

Wishing you a great 2016 people!



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(Image via Quill London)

Hello dear friends.

It’s been a while since my last decent post. Olivia has settle little by little so now that we have a routine(ish) it’s time for me to start finding the time to explore and connect with my inner creative. I always find that a very good way to do that is signing up in a creative course. I’ve done that a few times in the past, an opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn a new skill and find that momentum to make something new and fresh.

This month I will be attending this Brush Lettering Workshop, with one of my favourite Illustrator Emma Block, (I wrote a post about her here). I’m looking forward to learn this beautiful skill and start making beautiful things, Christmas cards maybe?

P.S. If you haven’t notice I’m working on a brand new portfolio, I thought it was time to refresh this site and push myself into a new direction. I’m ready for some new changes.

Thank you for keep visiting this little space, I promise to start blogging more often, I really missed it.



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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Matias: Blowing bubbles from a Thomas and Friends toy he received as a present from his dad. He is still very much hooked on anything “Thomas” related.

Olivia: Growing up fast, laying in her brother’s new space mat. I love how expressive she has become and oh boy, she is a real character!

P.S I’m already so behind with this project, I explained some of the reasons in my last post.

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It’s 22:22 and I’m debating if closing my laptop right now or keep trying to write something coherent to share. The truth is that although my intentions to keep this space updated are good, reality hits me like a non stoppable train going 1000 kph every.single.time.


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In DIY & Handmade

By Jessica

+ DIY gift ideas for Xmas +

On 20, Nov 2013 | 4 Comments | In DIY & Handmade | By Jessica

Following my recent post about getting ready for Xmas season, I started to put together a list of very simple, inexpensive and beautiful DIY gift ideas I have found in the web. Nothing says more than a handmade present for the people you love, also not having a “real” job (that pays) has encourage me being creative about my christmas gifts this year.


Siguiendo mi reciente post sobre empezar a prepararse para la temporada de Navidad, empecé a hacer una lista de ideas para regalos sencillos, económicos y bonitos que he encontrado en internet. Nada vale más que un regalo hecho a mano para tus seres queridos. No tener un trabajo “real” (que paga) también me ha animado a ser creativa para los regalos de Navidad este año.

Below are some of my favourite ones / Abajo están algunos de mis favoritos:


 1/Etched Wooden Spoons 2/Herb planters  3/Glitter snow globes 4/Tee Design with Decoart fabric paint

Do you make your own gifts? Cards? Paper wrapping? Expect some more similar posts these days. Have a great day!


Haces tus propios regalos? Tarjetas? Papel de regalo? Intentaré publicar post parecidos en los próximos días!



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  1. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for this incredible collection! :)

    I also want to thank you for everything you share. You are really amazing and you have very exquisite point of view to everything that surrounds you and you come across. I highly respect that.

    Once again thank you for all the great shares and I wish you an incredible Christmas! :)

    • Jessica

      Thank so much Grace for your kind words, I really appreciate that in this moment. I wish you a lovely Xmas in return xx :)

  2. Those glittered snow globes are such a cute idea!

    • Jessica

      I love them too, I want to make one (using a plastic jar) to my son for this xmas :)

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